MAINE GOLD has teamed with award-winning Maine distiller Wiggly Bridge to create a barrel-aged maple syrup that is nothing less than spectacular. We take our premium syrup and age it in empty, used bourbon barrels from Wiggly Bridge. After an extensive aging process we are able to offer a culinary delight that is sure to impress foodies, maple syrup lovers and bourbon connoisseurs alike. Each bottle is hand labeled with the spirit, barrel number and bottle number and bottled in extremely limited quantities. When they're sold out, they're sold out until the next barrel proves ready to meet our strict quality demands. You will not be disappointed. 

If we are out of stock, you may find our delightful barrel-aged syrup at Wiggly Bridge Distillery. Give them a call at (207) 363-9322 and see if they have any left!

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